Job Keeper Monthly Claim Process

Once you have qualified for jobkeeper, which happened when you first enrolled,  you are automatically eligible to receive jobkeeper each month after that until the program end. But you do have to do the declaration each month so the ATO can  process the payment.   Each month to be paid the Job Keeper to complete […]

How to Claim Monthly Job Keeper Subsidy

The next step in obtaining payment under the Job Keeper wage subsidy is to complete the monthly declaration using with MYGOV or the ATO business portal. Dont be put off by the title that comes up as “Identify and maintain employees eligible for JobKeeper wage subsidies” – this is the process for everyone – Sole […]

Kerry Casanova Xero Certified Adviser and trainer

How to Create Xero Statements for Customers

At the end of the month or when you would like to give customers a gentle reminder that they have outstanding amounts owing that are overdue using a debtor statement can be a useful tool. By staying on top of amounts owed to your business you will help cashflow and reduce bad debts. Here is […]

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How to use Quick Books Online Attachments to Create An Expense

Here is one way you can use the images of invoices and receipts you have taken on your QBO app to create expense transactions for thing you have spent money on with that attachment. Please click here to download Exact Accounting Tax & Business Specialist guide to using attachments

Small Business Tax Appointment Check List

Here is Exact Accounting’s check list of what details we will need for your small business tax return. The best way you can keep your accounting fees low is to keep good business records that summarises your income and expenses for the year into categories. In the checklist is a standard set of costs that […]

Trading Trust in Australia to operate your business in by Exact Accounting Tax and Business Specialists

Checklist for How to Change to a Trading Trust

A trust is often used to provide better tax result, sharing income among the beneficiaries and to help provide some asset protection where possible. For more information about trusts please read this article  Discretionary Trusts  If changing your structure has been suggested by your trusted advisor and you have reviewed all of the pros and […]

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How to Enter Motor Vehicle Registration in QBO

It can be a bit fiddly to enter your registration renewal to calculate the correct amount of GST to report on your Business Activity Statement as not all of your payment attracts GST.  Click here to download Exact Accounting guide to entering motor registrations into your QBO accounting software:

CGT the basics

Capital Gains Tax, the basics explained

How much is capital gains tax? This is a question that Exact Accounting answers a lot. To understand the basics of how Capital Gain Tax works please download Kerry Casanova’s Guide :

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Reconcile Kounta Receipts in QBO

How to Reconcile Kounta Receipts in QBO Each time you complete your days takings at the End of the Day in Kounta your data will be exported directly into your QBO (provided you have set up the integration in Kounta) using the account information you provided to Kounta. What Happens in your Quick Books? Each […]

Kerry Casanova Xero Certified Adviser and trainer

Xero Part Payments Customers

Sometimes your clients might make progress payments where they pay a portion of an outstanding invoice. The Split function in Xero makes its easy to allocate these payments against the correct sales invoice. Click here to download Exact Accounting cheat sheet that shows you how:

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Bank Reconciliation QuickBooks Online

Once you have added all of the transactions that have come into your QBO file from your direct bank fee for the month your next step is to reconcile your bank and credit cards. Please download Exact Accounting guide on how to reconcile your accounts To-reconcile-a-bank-or-credit-card-account-QuickBooks-Online.pdf

using car at work by Exact Accounting Tax & Business Specialists

Using your car for work

As an employee you are able to claim a deduction for using your car for work purposes if you use your car for your job for any of these: You drive between separate jobs on the same day OR You drive between alternate workplaces for the same employer on the same day OR Delivering or […]

how to use a logbook for tax

Logbook Requirements

What your logbook needs to include To be able to prove how you have used your vehicle to earn your income your logbook has to hit the key ATO requirements. There is no point giving your accountant a logbook that doesn’t cover the details that the ATO have to have, if it’s not valid than […]

Exact Accounting ute

How a Logbook can save you money

When do I need a Logbook for Business Vehicle? The simple answer is when the Taxman considers that you are driving a “Car” rather than a Motor Vehicle you need to do a logbook to give yourself the best possible deduction for you.  This is where tax terminology gets confusing as it goes against what […]

Three Things To Save You Money this Tax Time

Three Things You Should Do To Save This Tax Time No-one wants to miss out on a tax deduction or pay more in accountant fees than they have to. My biggest tip for you this tax time is to get organized, as the more you do for yourself the better result you will from your […]

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Create new payroll category in MYOB

Being able to customise your payroll in MYOB will help you to produce reports about your wages costs that are more meaningful and add value to the data you collect in your accounting software. Please click here to download our easy instructions how to add new wages categories into your company file  Extra resources are […]

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Using Timesheets in MYOB

If you are interested in being able to track employees time and allocate labor costs to your jobs MYOB has a built in function that can help. Please click here to download our easy instructions how to start using Timesheets in your MYOB file:

Kerry Casanova Boss Exact Accounting

How do I get paid from my business

How do I get paid from my own business? This question comes up quite a bit and my answers in this article relate to those of you who are running your business as a sole trader or partnership. When you operate as a sole trader or a partnership you will pay income tax on your […]

Home Based Business Tax Deductions

HOME BASED BUSINESS This article applies if you are a self-employed person operating your business without renting/owning business premises and home happens to be the place that you work out of. Good examples of this are Tradies that have a workshop/shedding at home, personal trainer who sees clients at home or awesome accountants who have […]

What tax deductions can I claim when working from home

WORKING AT HOME First off we have to figure out if you are working from home or are you a home based business? This will make a difference to the type of expenses you can claim for. This article talks about what options you have in claiming tax deduction for the time you spend working […]

Claim Superannuation as Tax Deduction for 2018

Tax Deduction for Super paid by Employees Now people who work for salary & wages and make personal superannuation contributions from their after tax wages since July 2017 may be able to claim that amount as a tax deduction. There is some fine print to be able to do it and it is not the […]

Kerry Casanova Xero Certified Adviser and trainer

How do I allocate a deposit to customer invoice in Xero?

When you are reconciling your Xero file there will be times when the decision Xero has made as too which invoices and customers the bank deposit should be allocated to isn’t quite as you expect. Please click here for Exact Accounting, your Xero Certified accountants, easy instructions on how to use Find & match to […]

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How to add an invoice into QuickBooks

For help on how to enter your sales invoices please click here for our free cheat sheet   Contact your Exact Accountant, Kerry Casanova for any training in Quickbooks cloud accounting software   For more about QuickBooks Online please go to Intuit Australia