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Originally opened in 2016 operating as Exact Accounting Tax and Business Specialist  a Name Change became necessary in 2021 so Casanova plus Exact became Excas Accounting.
Excas Accounting in Port Lincoln is owned and operated by Kerry Casanova who is a highly experienced, qualified  professional accountant who has worked with clients across a diverse range of industries over the last twenty five years and is well known for her expertise in taxation, accounting software and audit.
Her specialties include retail POS,  large scale projects, heavy industries, trucking and civil construction, agriculture and aquaculture.
Kerry was born in Port Lincoln and her large farming family are from Sleaford Bay on the Lower Eyre Peninsula where they operated mixed farming enterprise. She attended Saint Josephs for all of her schooling and went on to study at the University of South Australia where she gained her Bachelor Degree in Accounting.  After finishing her degree Kerry went on to gain her qualification as a Certified Practising Accountant and then as a Registered Tax Agent.
Together with her partner Steven they share a love of the outdoors and have had many adventures travelling the Eyre Peninsula and a lot of Australia. They big current project is building a small primary production business just outside Port Lincoln.


Kerry Casanova, the Practice Principal has a passion for great service, quality results and most of all value for money.  Excas Accounting is a firm of Accountants Port Lincoln and operate across the Eyre Peninsula.

About Port Lincoln

Port Lincoln is a city on the lower Eyre Peninsula in the Australian state of South Australia. It is situated on the shore of Boston Bay, which opens eastward into Spencer Gulf. It is the largest city in the West Coast region, and is located approximately 280 km (straight line – 646 km by road) from the State's capital city of Adelaide. Port Lincoln is the "Seafood Capital of Australia" as it produces a large range of high quality seafood from both aquaculture, such as Coffin Bay Oysters, and wild catch produce from our pristine waters of Boston Bay, Spencer Gulf and the Great Australian Bight.

Port Lincoln's economy is based on the huge grain-handling facilities , the canning and fish processing works, lambs, wool and beef, and tuna farming for the overseas markets. Home to an impressive commercial fishing fleet which supports many businesses and jobs in the area. The city also functions as a regional centre for government administration, corporate services and commerce to Eyre Peninsula During the past decade, housing demand has led to a boom in property development, both residential and commercial.

Port Lincoln is a centre for tourism, due to the scenic beauty and coastal locality. Ready access to both Spencer Gulf and the Great Australian Bight mark Port Lincoln out as a blue water playground for yachting, scuba diving, shark cage diving and game fishing. In recent times the added attraction of cage diving with Great White Sharks, seals and tuna have increased Port Lincoln's popularity with tourists for Port Lincoln attractions