Job Keeper Monthly Claim Process

Business monthly declaration for JobKeeper payment

Once you have qualified for jobkeeper, which happened when you first enrolled,  you are automatically eligible to receive jobkeeper each month after that until the program end.

But you do have to do the declaration each month so the ATO can  process the payment.


Each month to be paid the Job Keeper to complete the monthly declaration using with MYGOV or the ATO business portal.

  1. Reconcile your accounting software and allocate all cash receipts to debtors BEFORE you start this process as you need to be sure of your income to complete process.
  2. Log into either mygov or the business portal (whichever one you used to enrol your business into job keeper).
  3. Go into the Covid 19 area by pressing the View button
  4. You will see at Step 3, on the right hand side of the page, an Declare button . Press it
  5. The amount will automatically pre fill but if you need to make any changes press the Maintain button.  If the details are correct  move onto step 6 without pressing the maintain employees button
  6. Enter in your GST Turnover that your business had for the month you are claiming for.  GST Turnover is your sales/revenue that you received from your customers excluding any GST. If you do your bas on a cash basis it is your cash receipts from customers less GST, if you do an accrual BAS it is your invoicing for the month adjusted for GST charged on those invoices.  If you dont lodge bas or aren't registered for gst it is the income you have received in from your customers for that month. If you are unsure there is more information here: GST Turnover for Jobkeeper
  7. Projected GST Turnover is your best guess at what that months receipts/billings should look like for the month to come. NOTE these two boxes are not checking  if you are eligible for the Jobkeeper payment, it is only for data purposes so just do your best.
  8. Click the box to sign your declaration and press the Submit button
  9. Next month do it again!
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