How to Claim Monthly Job Keeper Subsidy

Jobkeeper Identify

The next step in obtaining payment under the Job Keeper wage subsidy is to complete the monthly declaration using with MYGOV or the ATO business portal.

Dont be put off by the title that comes up as "Identify and maintain employees eligible for JobKeeper wage subsidies" - this is the process for everyone - Sole traders, Trusts, Companies and Partnerships with or without employees.

  1. Log into either mygov or the business portal (whichever one you used to enrol your business into job keeper).
  2. Go into the Covid 19 area by pressing the View button
  3. You will see at Step 2, on the right hand side of the page, an Identify button
  4. An information page with Jobkeeper/Identify eligible employees will popup, Just scroll to the bottom of that and press the Next button
  5. Use the drop down arrow to pick the month you are applying for job keeper, this will then open up question about adding an Eligible Business Participant. This is essentially one of the owners of the business who you nominate as being eligible to receive jobkeeper. Click the YES button if you have an owner who meets the requirements, fill in there tax file number & date of birth and the press the CONFIRM button 
  6. ATO will get the details for that person and fill out more of the form for you. Underneath where you see their given name there is a JobKeeper Status box, click the drop down arrow.
  7. Select the option that matches your circumstance - if you are claiming for the month then the business participant will generally  Claim FN 1 & 2
  8. The number of eligible employees will then open, if you have none or are not  claiming jobkeeper for them click the NO option, if you do click Yes.
  9. If Yes to Eligible Employees your single touch payroll should provide their information but if not you can manually add those.
  10. Once you have that section completed it will calculate your total wage subsidy being claimed (including for the nominated business owner). Click the NEXT button a the bottom of that page
  11. A new page will then open - scroll down to the GST Turnover section. GST Turnover is just a term that is defined in tax law - it doesn't matter if you arent registered for GST to complete this
  12. Your GST turnover for the month is the total of your sales/revenue/receipts from your customers for that period,excluding any GST. You can get this from running a profit & loss report from your accounting program(just make sure you have entered everything in for the month you are reporting on)
  13. Projected Turnover is your best guess at what you think the next month may look like - it only needs to be your estimation.
  14. Once you have filled out both turnover check your bank account details are correct.
  15. Under the Declaration section put a tick in the box to say your details are all correct
  16. Click the Submit button

  17. You will get an ATO receipt come up for your records, which you may want to make a note of.
  18. Thats it - job well done!

For more information the ATO have detailed jobkeeper guides you can find here : JobKeeper Guides

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