Fixed Price Options


I would like to introduce you a new accounting solution for your business “Fixed Price Business Service” offered by Exact Accounting. It works the same as any other fixed cost quote you get for all of your other business purchases - you don't agree to buy a car without knowing how much the total is going to be so why leave it up to your accountant each year to decide how much your accounting fees will be this time?

You know upfront what your costs are going to be so you can plan. 


What our Fixed Price Business Service is all about:

  • Tailored Packages- high quality accounting and tax packages to suit your individual situation.
  • Improve processes- We are always looking for a better way of doing things in our business and for all our clients
  • No timesheets, ever- You pay for the value we provide, not the time. Why pay us for looking out the window?
  • Fixed pricing- You know what you will pay, you know it upfront and the option to pay monthly.- no surprises.


We’ll meet with you to determine your needs and discuss how we can best assist you.


Together we agree on what services you will benefit from and how much that will cost

– it’s that simple.

Unlimited Access to Advice on ad hoc Matters

You can call us at any time for advice on ad hoc matters in the knowledge that we will not be charging you for that advice. If your question or issue requires additional research and analysis beyond the consultation, that work will be subject to an additional price negotiation. But that will be agreed on before it happens.

Other pricing options are also available .